Everything is energy.  As we journey through life it is common for our energy to become blocked or interrupted for one reason or another.

Unless we have a daily release and balance ritual, the flow of energy can become interrupted or blocked.  This has a flow on effect that can impact on our physical experience of life, presenting in various forms.

Energy is in a constant state of flow and ever expanding.  We need to be able to easily adjust our energy to continue being aligned to the expansion of self and soul so we remain balanced, centered and grounded.  Old energies must be released for the new to flow.

Energy Release and Balancing with me incorporates a range of powerful tools, drawing on many years and lifetimes of practice and training.

I tune in to your energy field and am intuitively guided to engage with you using a variety of techniques.   During a session, which takes up to 1-hour, you will experience a refreshing, relaxing, powerful, energetic release and rebalance from the comfort of your home via Skype.

Honour Fee:  AU$88